RARE™ was founded in Sept. 2010. Started based on our own interest and our passion to share our collection with other fans out there who can't find some item within the countries.
We strive to offer you products that are, in our opinion, “best in the category,”. These are products that we have bought ourselves, worn, and time-tested and would recommend to our closest friends. We also share Our Finds, products that aren’t available in our store but are ones that you will also enjoy. Our goal is to help you research and source the best products when you are looking to replace or add to your existing collection.
Our first store opened in 2010 in Bandar Baru Bangi, Section 8, Selangor. Apart from producing products from our own brand RARE™  we also carry a growing streetwear clothing brand in Malaysia and are among our friend within the scene. 
At the same time we also get sales rights for some brands from abroad such as USA and Australia, among the brands we get sales rights such as Thasher, Rebel8, HUF, Illest, Canibeat, The Hundred, In4mation, Knockaround Sunglasses. Brands sold by resale through the purchase of discounts from overseas webstores such as New Era Cap, Oakley Frogskin, Casio G-Shock, Supreme, OBEY Clothing (focused on limited edition products only)
In June 2014 we expanded by opening our second store at Farenheit88, Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpur. With an area of ​​1,000sqf, RARE™ opens the opportunity for several streetwear brands in Malaysia to explore the market together. Among the brands involved are Stones & Co., Junkcult, Wolfgang, The Garment, Neverwake, Goofy, Momentai, NAISE, ThaSmoosh, Obliq, MEM Watch, Salves Anarchy, CLICK, Raymars, Koya, HonorMerch, Rated, Rkoi, Flying, Nerd Unit, DRSCO, Neat & Crooz. 
RARE™ has become a streetwear clothing hub based in Kuala Lumpur and has also become a must-visit place for tourists with a similar interest in streetwear fashion. From the list of customers many come from Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia, US, Europe and the Middle East.

And now here we are. We offer you ease on shopping straight from your home. Shop now, please give us a chance to impress you.